Book: What If You Could Skip the Cancer?

What If You Could Skip the Cancer? by Katrina BosThis was my first book, originally published in 2009, telling the story of my miraculous healing, personal growth and an all-around life-changing experience. I have now released a second edition so that it can be available in ebook as well!

This book works as a beautiful companion to my new book, Tantric Intimacy, because it is the journey from directing our lives from society and the desires and expectations of our loved ones to listening within – to listening for divine guidance. For me, it was the scare of cancer that gave me the boost to try a different way of living. And it has made all the difference.

“Why do we get cancer? Is it all just carcinogens and unlucky genetics? The answer is no. This book delves into the underlying reasons why some of us get cancer while others do not, and explains many of the mysteries of why we get sick. Why is a cancer diagnosis a death sentence for some and a life-changing opportunity for others? What allows some people, when given weeks or days to live, to be happy and healthy for decades to come? Most importantly, what lessons can we learn from those who have beaten illness, so that we can live happily and healthily without ever having to get sick?” From the back cover

What People Are Saying

“Finally, I also started the book you gave me.  Thank you.  That was a very loving, thoughtful gift.  It is a very uncomfortable book-deeply honest and forcing you to look deeply within and be brutally honest.  Even in the first two chapters, which I just completed reading, there are points that resonate deeply-uncomfortably so.  It’s also not comfortable to be ‘standard’, but I guess we all are to some degree.  The Good Daughter/Wife/ Mother/Working Woman syndrome.”

“Just a big THANK YOU for writing the book and “kudos” to you for your rare, raw honesty,
that is going to transform sooooo many women and men really.  I picked up your book last
weekend at the Benn Miller Inn where my husband and I stayed.  I started to read it on the drive
home Sunday and hated to put it down. Just finished it today…on my 49th birthday.
I am fortunate enough in that I am healthy and never had cancer. Now, seriously thanks
to you maybe I never will.  Your book has given me the confidence I need to follow my passion
and squash out the self doubt when it appears, which would normally stop me for pursuing what
brings me joy and happiness which is practising my gift as a Energy Healer.  I have been
preparing for two years to put into practise my gift as a Crystal Energy Healer.  Just recently we
started a small renovation in our home to create a wellness room where I can practise as Crystal
Energy Healer.
I am telling everyone I know that your book is a MUST read.  I wish you continued
success on your souls journey.”

“I’m almost done Katrina’s book.  It is very uncomfortable book to read, because it makes you think — but more vitally feel. Give her my compliments for her grit, honesty and forthrightness, when next you see her.  I’d love to meet her sometime. It is also amazing how it echos the key tenants of all the good stuff in the world — religion, Wicca, Reiki, QiGong, buddhism etc.  Ask for help, listen to the answer, have faith to act on it.”

This self-help book will definitely come in handy for many women who need to get in touch with truly feeling free to live. There are several sections in the book that some Christians might think of as New Age-y.  If it is, it’s New Age Lite, and those same passages could easily have been found in a Christian anti-cancer book. What If You Could Skip the Cancer? is also good for those women who fear the disease. It’s another weapon that helps to arm the reader against the cancer phobia rampant in our society. The book probably helps; it definitely won’t hurt, and it will cause many women to re-examine their lives – and perhaps believe a bit more that the miraculous is always around us and often in our own hands. It’s an easy read that packs a lot in a little package.”

Katrina Bos’ What If You Could Skip the Cancer? is a must-read for women who consider themselves to be chronic people-pleasers and who don’t take the time to care of their own health. Bos’ believe that women have to re-prioritize their lives so that they can put themselves towards the top of their priority list every day.”

‘What if You Could Skip the Cancer’ is very worth reading. Katrina told her story without creating a fanciful narrative, but rather relayed everything that happened to her in a natural, compelling way.  This book makes you look at how YOU look at life, and how it can be changed almost overnight.  Personally, it deeply influenced my take on my own existence. Then there’s cancer itself. Keeping Katrina’s experience in mind it questions how we view cancer in general as a totally medical condition, but maybe there’s more to it than that.  I think everyone should read this book, whether cancer has made an appearance in your life or not-it might change how you look at and live your life.

Connie Herlufsen - Dungannon, Ontario

I am inspired by your book. Fifteen years ago, I experienced cancer, and given three months to
live, however, I was healed.
After reading your book, I understand your book that the body, mind, and faith had a lot
to do with my healing. I had masophorym T3 N2 Carcinoma.
We do change after cancer, our lives are different. I have many visions, and I strongly
believe that my parents, who passed years ago, brought me back to life.”

This book spoke to me on so many levels. In my clinical work with women it is becoming abundantly obvious to me that the majority of chronic illnesses are messages (sadly rarely heard) calling us forth to grow as people – examine the unexamined, and move into areas of emotional blockage. This takes great courage unless you have faith that you are being held and supported throughout the process. Your book helped me to finally get comfortable in my faith (a place of discomfort for me as a long-time atheist and then agnostic) and in so doing to better serve my clients. Energetic messages from my client’s wombs are jumping out at me now and pointing me towards the best way to support their healing process. Unlike many women I have almost always managed to keep myself at the top of the “list” – but placing God/Spirit/Universal Energy on top of that with confidence has been a huge and important shift for me. Thank you for writing this book. I hope women and men everywhere will read it. I am hopeful that we are on fertile ground for messages such as yours to be heard and received, and is so doing, to radically shift our approach to health and healing.

Amy Sedgwick, O.T. Reg

This account of one person’s journey from illness and fear to better health and an understanding of herself is both intensely personal and universal in describing many aspects of our common humanity. The sign posts that pointed the way for her are there for all to read and may light the path for many who feel they struggle alone.

Bonnie Walter, Goderich, ON

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What If You Could Skip the Cancer? is available in paperback and e-book through all online booksellers:

(Make sure you order the Second Edition released in 2017. There are other copies of the First Edition that was published in 2009. If you can pick one of those up cheaply, awesome… but sometimes the old versions aren’t available or are strangely expensive.)
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Also available in AUDIOBOOK read by Katrina!

What If You Could Skip the Cancer? by Katrina Bos on iTunes
What If You Could Skip the Cancer? by Katrina Bos on Audible
What If You Could Skip the Cancer? Audiobook read by Katrina Bos on Audible
What If You Could Skip the Cancer? Audiobook read by Katrina Bos on Audible
What If You Could Skip the Cancer? Audiobook read by Katrina Bos on Audible