Overcoming PE: Developing Personal Mastery

Many men struggle with the effects of PE (premature ejaculation) for years and because sexuality has been such a taboo subject, it is often something that is hard to bring up in relationships… and therefore difficult to overcome.

Tantra offers different perspectives that shed light and reframe this issue into something that is not only fixable, the process of healing it can actually bring you closer together with your partner.

Please join Katrina Bos, a tantra practitioner, as she shares success stories from her personal life and experiences with clients that will plant ideas and opportunities for you to truly develop the personal mastery that truly leaves PE in the past for good.

About this book:

This is a short book that focuses specifically on lasting longer. Depending on how you download it, it is around 30 pages.

I am very excited to have written this shorter book. It’s nice to really focus and get right to the heart of the matter. Plus, I get to share some more intimate stories that will really help anyone who truly wants to make love for as long as they desire.

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

How to Purchase Your Copy

You can purchase a PDF version right here from me. Or it is also available on Kindle through Amazon.

Paperback and audiobooks are coming soon!

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