You know those dreams and hopes that just don’t go away? Well, they aren’t going anywhere. They will stay with you until… well.. until they happen. 🙂

Sometimes it’s easy to lose hope that our lives will ever turn out the way we want. We know what we want. Or we know how we want to feel. But the world of responsibilities and “life” seemed to take over somewhere along the way and we feel like actually creating a life of freedom, happiness and ease is just not going to happen for us.

But here’s the good news!! Our inner spirit never gives up!! Why?  Because this is the energy that makes us ALIVE! This is the creative force inside of us that is dying to experience this amazing world.

dreams 2And no matter how many jobs and dishes and obligations we put in front of that, that amazing energy will keep trying to escape… just like the plants in these pictures.

This world thrives on ALIVENESS. This world only works when things are born, grow, die and are reborn. That’s the way it works. And as blah and stuck as our lives might seem sometimes, this ALIVENESS is always trying to break free!!

So what if we don’t let it? What happens? What if we decide that having the “right” job or having our kids in the “right” sports or looking “right” is more important that actually following our dreams?

We know what happens… As we push down that living energy, it will create cracks in our armour and start to seep out (like the flowers in the pavement).

dreams 3And what do these “cracks” look like? Stress… Might be physical pain and chronic illness. Might be anxiety, depression, manic episodes, obsessions, addictions..

And what will we do? Anything to get rid of them. We will suppress them with alcohol, busyness, drugs, shopping, sports, more busyness, addictions of all kinds… Anything to distract us from the fact that our armour is cracking…

But do we REALLY want this armour? REALLY??? What do we want in life? Is the facade so important? Are our to-do lists really what we want to remember in this life?

So maybe we would like to look inside the crack… What is trying to break through? What is trying to live? What is it that our soul is just dying to try next?

Bottom Line… Our life force is our guide to making our life truly ours… truly alive… effortless flowing, free, fun, and blissful.

Just like in the nature all around us, WE ARE MEANT TO TRULY LIVE!!

dreams 4

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