Your Perfect Website

Would you like to have your own website? Websites are a beautiful place to express who you are and what your business is all about.

Or do you have an older website that doesn’t show up properly on phones and tablets?

I would love to help.

We can either update your current website or create one from scratch that perfectly reflects who you and your business are.

Basic Website Package

This package will get you up and going on the web!

What’s included:

  • The technical backend stuff
    • Helping you to purchase your domain name (the name of your site)
    • Guidance in purchasing a hosting account
    • All the backend software & plugins needed to run your site
  • Your New Website:
    • Fully responsive (works on computers, phones and tablets)
    • Menus, Header, Footers
    • Customized Theme for you
    • Five pages: This is flexible based on your site. It could be a Front page, Contact Page, blog, sales page, “About Me”, etc.
    • Social Media Integration
  • Two hours of training/discussion that can include:
    • Where to find great free or paid photos and pictures
    • Creating questionnaires
    • Where to store and how to use videos on your site
    • How to make design changes
    • How to upload new content on your own

Price: $2,000 CAD

If you would like more pages or functionality, we will adjust the package and price for your site.

Teaching You WordPress

Would you like to be able to upload your own content? Or even create your own website?

I create my websites in WordPress which is designed so that people like me can get your website all set up. But then YOU can easily upload new articles, make corrections and make design changes to your website easily.

There are plenty of Youtube videos out there about uploading new posts, blogs, etc. But if you don’t have the time to go through the videos and articles, then I would love to speed up that learning curve for you!

We can go over all of the basics and all the tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

We will schedule blocks of time to go over anything that you need to be able to update your website whenever you want.

Price: $200 for 2 hours. (This time can be all at once or in two sessions)

web design Katrina Bos

Website Management

We can continue to work together to grow your website.

If you would rather not upload your own content, I can do that for you.

If you would like to add new functionality to your website, we can do it!

Sample Sites

If you would like to get an idea of my work, I do all of my own web-design, so feel free to look around my websites.

This is my newest and simplest website. It has all of the basic functionality that you would get in your Website Package.

Katrina Bos

This is my main website that you are currently in.

This is my Online Academy.

Within it, there are online video courses, that are protected so that only paid students can see them. If you would like to have online courses, we can definitely add that onto your Basic Package.

Let's Get Started

We can start with a free 30-minute consultation to go over what you need. Then, we can go from there.
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About Me

My first career was as a computer programmer. I graduated from University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics in Combinatorics & Optimization. This is just a fancy way of saying that I love solving problems using mathematics and systems.

I was a computer programmer after graduating and gave it up professionally when my children were born. Since then, I have continued to do contract work and have done all of my own websites and online work for the last 20 years.

My joy in creating websites for people is the bridge between you and the internet. This can be very daunting… but it doesn’t have to be. I can definitely “do the math” and the technical work. But my real specialty is understanding what you need and easily bringing that into your website. I also love helping you get to the place where you are comfortable working with your website. All we need is a friendly hand once in a while and it makes all the difference.

Katrina Bos - Web Design