This morning, I picked up some acorns on my walk this morning – seeds of new life.

Katrina Bos - Seeds of New Life

I am re-reading a series of books that I feel are becoming relevant again called “The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding.

Here is what they say about eternal youth:

“Behold the leaves and the buds at the tips of the oldest banyan – how young they are – young as the seed from which the giant sprang into life. The life reactions of plant and man being alike, man can certainly profit by the experience of the plant. As the leaves and buds at the tips of the branches of the oldest banyan are as young as the seed whence it sprang, even so the group cells in man forming his body, need not gradually lose their vitality and die, but may grow young and evergreen as he ovum or individual cell itself. Indeed, there is no reason why your body should not grow as young and vital as the vital seed from which it sprang.”

These are the words of great masters who live within the Himalayas. This is just a tiny bit of their wisdom and may be hard to fathom within the society that we live in.

But for me, it is a seed. It is something to meditate upon. 

Thomas Merton used to say that it isn’t what we read that is important. It is where our unique soul takes us because of what we read. 

And so, I meditate upon the new and vital cells being created within me in each moment… and on acorns on my morning walks.

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