What does Tantra, the philosophy of love, intimacy & Divine Connection, have to do with Mathematics? Everything… And this is why when we discover tantra, our lives start to fit together like a beautiful puzzle… because the building blocks for an amazing edifice is within us… we just have to know how to put them together.

Mathematician Turned Tantrika?

Long before I was a tantrika, I was once a mathematician. I spent 5 years at the University of Waterloo studying every kind of mathematics from pure math, statistics, calculus, algebra, computer science, etc… eventually receiving a degree in Combinatorics & Optimization… Whew… quite a mouthful.. 😉

But what does a mathematician do? When people found out that I had a degree in Math, the first response would be “OK add these five numbers… REALLY FAST!!”… Which of course I couldn’t… 😉

Mathematics is so much more than arithmetic. Mathematics is actually a philosophy of the universe. Mathematicians are constantly looking for patterns in the universe. Why? Because the patterns are there!! And if we can find the patterns, then we will understand the world. And then maybe we’ll understand why we are here… What life is all about… And every other hard question that haunts us in the tough times.

What does Tantra have in common with Mathematics?

1) Beneath the chaos, there is perfection in the Universe.

spiral staircase - 460Mathematicians seek patterns because they know that underneath the chaos, there is a system. That even though everything looks crazy, there is something orderly underneath it all… We just have to get all of our preconceptions out of the way and we will see the perfection…

Tantra teaches us to throw out the constructs of the world and live from our pure self. That life seems very confusing and painful… but this is only because of the belief systems and attachments that we carry. That if we can release ourselves from all of these restrictions, then our souls will find our true paths… And we will find bliss and happiness… Because beneath all of the constructs and our confusion, there is perfection, bliss and happiness.

2) Life is actually very simple

einsteinEinstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Imagine that love, sexuality and relationships are not complicated. We have a belief that they are. We have experiences that show us that they are difficult. But why are they? Where have we gone wrong? Living together is difficult. Raising children is difficult. Keeping the love alive is difficult. Our sex lives are fraught with everything from boredom, to emotional rollercoasters, performance issues and all kinds of stress.

Tantra says to simplify everything. Forget about everything you’ve ever learned. Forget about past hurts, traumas and expectations. Forget about what you think relationships are about. Simplify everything… Come back to your core. Come back to spirit. Come back to love.

Be present with each other. Remember what love feels like. Be loving. Be kind. Remember to breathe…

If this sounds too simple, then you must remember the second part of Einstein’s quote… “but not too simple”… These things are simple to say… But they require phenomenal diligence and awareness to carry out in real life. We must do phenomenal personal work to heal ourselves and incredible faith to believe that it’s possible to actually be loving and present ALL of the time…. But are they possible? They sure are.

3) There is Nothing New Needed:

gears and cogsMathematicians don’t “create” anything new. They simply look for what’s already there. They know that everything is perfect. They know that all the pieces are there… And finding those pieces keeps them up at night because the truth is just beyond their grasp… and it’s so juicy and interesting (yes… juicy!!), that they MUST find out how it works!!!

And Tantra?…. Our bodies are made to connect. Our energy systems are made to intertwine. Our beings are made for relaxation and ease. Love and sexual energy puts a spring in our step. Feeling intimately connected with others heals deep emotional wounds and makes us desire to reach out even more. Deep tantric intimacy connects us with the divine making us feel whole and completely alive!!

And it’s all completely natural. All the pieces are there!! We don’t have to create anything. We don’t need fancy tricks and special techniques to find ecstasy… It’s all right here… It’s all completely natural. We just have to get out of our way and let our bodies, minds and spirits make love…

4) The World is So Much More than we can Ever Imagine!!

fractal - 350This world is such a phenomenal place!! We can intellectualize about all kinds of things. But reality will always bring us to our knees.  It could be the feelings that course through you at the birth of a baby, sitting at the base of a majestic mountain, watching a sunrise, seeing the multitudes of life that live in the ocean…

Mathematicians continue to discover amazing things beyond our comprehension… Whether is understanding calculus, trigonometry or how fractals help to map our chaos… Or it is solving “The Travelling Salesman Problem” which resulted in the recent creation of GPS software that could give us directions to our favourite destination… The world of mathematics is incredibly exciting (I know… at least to mathematicians..)

What we can experience through tantra is the same… It is beyond our current understanding and experience. It isn’t something that we can describe and everyone can understand… We can only take the leap and find out for ourselves…

Tantra talks about experiencing true bliss… Can we even imagine this?  Tantric sexuality speaks of hours of orgasmic pleasure… It has to be experienced to even imagine what that feels like… Tantric philosophy says that if we release all of our belief systems and constructs, that the world will open up and we will feel connection to the divine and experience pure ecstasy…

Mathematicians and Tantrikas are seekers.

universe-eThey know something deep in their bones that there is something to discover… That there is more than they are currently seeing… That there are hidden treasures to be found.

And so they continually seek. They have new experiences. They seek wisdom. They look for community to expand their understanding. They seek perfection. They seek understanding…

Mathematicians and Tantrikas unite…. who knew?? 😉

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