Love & Intimacy Coaching

Love and connection is part of being human. We can live without money, success, and a perfect body. But when we lack true connection with people who see us for who we really are, something dies inside of us. Love and connection feeds us, makes us know that we belong to something bigger, and makes us feel complete.

This includes connections with others and connection to our deepest self. In fact, these are one and the same – just showing up differently.

Why do we struggle with love and intimacy?

Sometimes we have never experienced it. We naturally assume that what we experienced growing up was all that there was. It’s only later in life that we realize that there is something missing. Sometimes we are born to wealth or status which causes us to always question why someone wants to be close to us. Sometimes we have been really hurt and have important defences up to protect ourselves from further harm.

Sometimes it is the connection to our own self that blocks intimacy. When we are not fully loving who we are, it can be hard to open ourselves in vulnerability because we don’t want the other to see the parts of us that we don’t like – because if we don’t like these parts, certainly another person won’t like them either and we will end up alone. So, we keep our cards close and never get to experience full connection.

Sexual Intimacy

Love & Intimacy coaching with Katrina Bos for couples

When I first discovered tantra, I knew that I found the Holy Grail.

Before that, I had experienced moments of incredible intimacy and nearly divine experiences… but I couldn’t find my way back. Tantra became that roadmap to the fireworks that I always knew were possible. And once we’ve experienced these moments, everything else tends to pale. We know what is possible. And even if we’ve never experienced it before, somewhere inside of us knows that there is so much more…

When I work with people, I find that all that is needed are some small changes. We just need new ways of looking at what we already know and have experienced.

And the beautiful thing about tantric intimacy is that it is truly for everyone. It is for all ages and orientations. We are simply incredible beings regardless of gender. And when these incredible beings open themselves up for true intimacy, absolute magic happens.

Love & Intimacy Coaching

Personal Sessions:

Sessions with individuals or couples happens via Skype since we are normally in different parts of the world. Our sessions will be a combined intuitive process to quickly get to the heart of what is going on. There may be situations where we can work in person together or for longer periods of time than an hour by Skype. We can discuss options as we work together.

Love & Intimacy coaching with Katrina Bos


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Love & Intimacy coaching with Katrina Bos


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Love & Intimacy coaching with Katrina Bos


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“The sexual ecstasy of a woman has a very high value. It is a magical, healing force. When she has been well-loved, sexually fulfilled, she herself becomes a goddess with magical powers – radiating love, devotion, caring, gratitude, happiness.”

Margot Anand

“Thinking always of the goddess, one is transformed into an image of the goddess.”

Hindu tantra

“Paradise is at your own centre; unless you find it there, there is no way to enter.”

Angelus Silesius

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“A healthy ego is no more afraid of sacred union than a raindrop is of merging with the ocean.”

Jalaja Bonheim
“The body is like an ocean, rich with hidden treasures.
Open its innermost chamber and light its lamp.”


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