Kundalini Yoga Home Studio

Kundalini yoga heals us from the inside out. The path of yoga brings us to a place of wholeness – which also means healing and/or integrating all of the “stuff” that we have been carrying all of these years. The pain and struggles from past experiences get stored within us – energetically and physically – and make the “box” that we live in much smaller than it could be.

We end up living reactively to the world – hoping to not be hurt again. We live with walls to the outside world – because we’ve learned that other people aren’t safe.

But then there comes a time where we are ready to let everything go. To integrate everything that has happened in our lives into our whole being… We want to release the “box” we have been living within and find out who and how big and expansive we truly are.

Home Studio Package

This package give you 57 different kundalini yoga classes (look below for full list) to choose from to take you on your personal journey of healing/integration. For many years, I recorded my yoga classes at East Street Station for people who couldn’t get to class. And I would now love to share them with you!

Kundalini yoga is for everyone. You can be any age and any fitness level. You can do everything in a chair, wheelchair, on the floor or however is most beneficial and healing for you.

Yoga is about healing us within – about bringing together (“to yoke”=yoga in sanskrit) our divine spiritual selves and our physical bodies and lives. It isn’t about physical fitness. It is about wholeness.

Some kriyas (series of specific exercises for a specific goal) are more physically demanding. Others are more meditative. Others are done entirely sitting (good for chairs) but that doesn’t mean they’re easy… They often use arms and pranayama (breathing techniques) to cleanse and energize our bodies and minds.

If you can’t do a specific exercise because of physical limitations or injury, either modify the exercise or simply close your eyes and visualize yourself doing it. The body and mind are truly one – so if your mind is faithfully doing the exercise, your body will also get benefits!

The introductory video will explain more if you are new to kundalini yoga.

And yes, sometimes my dog, Pebbles, is in the videos teaching with me. She LOVED teaching yoga!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Kundalini Yoga Home Studio Package

A time of great transformation and healing.
57 different kundalini yoga classes in your own home.
Music, modifications, fun and wisdom.
Plus you can ask Katrina questions about the yoga and meditations along the way!
$49 CDN one-time payment
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My Call to Kundalini Yoga

When I first found kundalini yoga, I was instantly called to it. I was doing kundalini yoga DVD in the middle of my living room with three dogs sitting beside me, cats wandering around, my children running around, and farm workers and my husband wandering in and out of the kitchen just feet from me. Then, I suddenly found myself vibrating inside. My whole body felt so alive and vibrant in a way that I had never experienced before.

What amazed me was that this was not on a retreat in a faraway mountaintop. This was right here within the commotion and chaos of a busy farm-life with small children. How was this possible?

Well, I was hooked. I knew that this yoga held some kind of magic that I had to know more about. I went away to study it further to become a teacher, thus opening up a whole new world for me. I taught for over ten years. I took the meditations and philosophies into hospitals, women’s shelters, businesses, etc. It was just such an incredible technology to share.

I also loved it because anyone could do it. I had people in my classes who were in their 80s and only 6 years old (often in the same class). I had people in wheelchairs, people with fused spines, and all kinds of the normal back and joint injuries that are so common.

And everyone could do it because it is never about achieving a physical posture. This yoga is about using the exercises, breathing and focus to heal us from the inside out. If you do the exercise “perfectly”, partly, or you only visualize it in your mind, your energy body is what heals… and then your physical body follows.

This fact that EVERYONE could do it and that the only focus was healing, connection and developing a truly meditative existence has made this my yoga of choice for decades now.

Kundalini Yoga & Tantra

I believe that my many years of teaching and practising Kundalini yoga prepared me to experience what is possible in tantra.

The foundation of tantra is integrating the infinite and expansiveness of God/Universal energy into our day-to-day lives and experiences.

Kundalini yoga is known as being a tantric yoga because it transforms and expands us. It isn’t about achieving a particular posture. It is about the effects that the exercises, pranayamas and meditations have on us. It is the combination of our own effort to move through difficulties and get out of our comfort zones to let old issues go so that we can totally expand.

Tantra asks us to surrender. And in order to surrender, we must release our fears… and these are what causes the most blocks to true intimacy, health and connection to others.

So, if you study tantra and would like to “speed up the process”, kundalini yoga will challenge us to break out of the old patterns that won’t let us experience all of who we are. We will grow and learn about ourselves in ways that will truly let us share who we deeply are with others… and we will experience the merging and bliss that deep down we know is possible.

List of Classes Included in Package:

  • Abdominal Strengthening
  • Adjusting the Navel
  • Adjusting the Temples
  • Adrenals & Kidneys
  • Awakening to the Ten Bodies
  • Removing Body Blocks
  • Healthy Bowels
  • Circulation
  • Cleansing the Body & Disease Resistance
  • Complete Workout for the Total Self
  • Complete Selves
  • Conquering Depression
  • Coordinating Mind, Body & Soul
  • Disease Resistance
  • Balancing the Depository System
  • Kriya for Elevation
  • Foundation for Infinity
  • Kriya for Freedom
  • Kriya for General Maintenance
  • Green Energy & Opportunity Set
  • Guardians of Health
  • Gentle Set
  • Heart Centre & Magnetic Field
  • Immune System Kriya
  • Kriya for our Instinctual Selves
  • Keep Up Spirit
  • Kriya for Kidneys
  • Liver, Colon, Stomach Kriya
  • Lungs & Circulation Kriya
  • Lungs & Magnetic Field
  • Kriya for Lungs & Meditation
  • Kriya for the Lymphatic System
  • Metabolism & Relaxation
  • Moving the Glandular System
  • Nabhi Kriya
  • Nabhi Kriya for Prana & Upana
  • Adjusting the Navel
  • Opening the Heart
  • Opening & Health
  • Opportunity & Green Energy Set
  • Optimal Health
  • Pituitary Gland Kriya
  • Kriya for the Radiant Body
  • Relaxation & Releasing Fear
  • Removing Body Blocks
  • Self Renewal
  • Third Chakra & Glandular System
  • Thyroid & Throat Centre
  • Kriya for Totality
  • Working the Command Post
  • Transforming the Lower Triangle to the Higher Triangle

Introductory Videos

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

The Magic of Kundalini Yoga

Yoga for Lungs & Circulation

This is a beautiful kriya that helps us to open our lungs, increase circulation, relax our minds and release whatever stresses, trauma and “issues” that have gotten “stuck” in our systems. As we go through life, whatever issues don’t simply pass through us often affect our breathing pattern. Our breathing will actually have little “bumps” in it that will hold illness patterns, thought patterns and stress patterns. As we open up these pathways, our minds calm, our body relaxes and we are able to think clearly, sleep better and generally just be more at peace.

This kriya is great if you are in a chair/wheelchair or are unable to get on the floor. I do some stretching exercises in the beginning that ARE on the floor. During these exercises, simply breathe deeply and stretch your body in any way that feels good. After a few exercises, I ask the class to sit cross-legged. At this point, you are perfect sitting in your chair.

Kundalini Yoga Home Studio Package

A time of great transformation and healing.
57 different kundalini yoga classes in your own home.
Music, modifications, fun and wisdom.
Plus you can ask Katrina questions about the yoga and meditations along the way!
$49 CDN one-time payment
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