A Story of My Turning Points

Growing Up in Love:

I was very blessed to grow up in a loving family. I am so incredibly thankful for this. People often tell me that they feel so much love from me… I fully accept that compliment. But I am also aware that it is in large part because I was filled with so much love from such a young age. We easily give what we have in abundance. I thank my wonderful parents for this every day.

 My Passion for Mind/Body Health & Spirituality:

In the 70s and 80s, there wasn’t much talk about mind/body health. But I devoured anything on natural medicine that I could find. I think I read every Prevention magazine that was ever printed… by the time I was 14, my favourite thing to do, besides reading, was to give people shiatsu or reflexology treatments to anyone who dared tell me that they were feeling under the weather. Later, this study and ideals would be put to the test which I talk about a little later…

I was also always very spiritual. I always knew that there was a lot more going on than just our physical body and world. My grandfather and uncle were both ministers as well.

My spiritual beliefs were cemented one day when I was 14 years old. I was chatting with my grandpa, asking him why in the world he would ever become a minister. (When you have family in the ministry, you learn very quickly that was a very hard life living an raising a family in a fishbowl, feeling required to respond and alter your life based on the judgements and issues of the congregation… And don’t even get me started about the politics that happened within the church!)

Katrina Bos - Spiritual Beginnings

My uncle and grandpa marrying us in 1993

My grandpa told me that he had actually always wanted to be a pilot. But then one day in his early 20s, he “heard the call” to become a minister.

What? My 14-year-old mind was blown away. What would pull a young man away from his dreams of becoming a pilot? He was born around the turn of the century.. Becoming a pilot in the early part of the last century had to be the most exciting career possible – fully of masculinity, excitement and danger.

Who, or what, called him away from such a path?

As I continued to study every religion and spiritual path I could find, by the time I got to University, I would have been considered an agnostic (someone who will believe in God if you can prove it). I was full of anger and frustration with the hypocrisy and horrible things that had been done in the name of religion.

But I could never be an atheist. No matter what intellectual discussions that I had about religion and the “concept of God” (which of course makes us feel very smart), there was always this little thread of faith running through me that whispered, “But who called grandpa?”.

A Degree in Mathematics

Katrina Bos Mathematics DegreeMaybe it was because I was the first-born to two teachers, or maybe it was just my wiring, but I was able to read by the time I was 3 and my love and true desire to learn anything and everything began and continues to this day.

I went to University of Waterloo to study mathematics – originally to become an actuary… But soon discovered that true joys of mathematics. This was a chance to truly map the patterns of the universe. Math was so much more than the mental gymnastics of algebra, calculus and trigonometry. Mathematics was a philosophy, a continual joy of expanding my mind to imagine realities and dimensions far beyond what we were focused on in our day to day life.

Alongside my math studies, I loved studying philosophy, psychology, and spiritual studies. My years in university were definitely rich. There definitely could have been the risk of becoming a perpetual student had I not met the brother of one of my schoolmates… and fell in love.

Here are a couple of articles about my love of mathematics: Why Tantra is Brilliant Scientific Discovery, and The Beauty of Mathematics & Tantra.

Moving to the Farm:

Feeding a newborn calf – (I’m 8 months pregnant here)

Having been raised in Toronto, perhaps I had no idea what I was really getting myself into moving to a dairy farm in the middle of Southwestern Ontario, Canada… But I was in love and up for a very new adventure.

I worked as a computer programmer for the first years of our marriage until our first son was born. From there, my life as a full-time farmer/wife/mother began. And everything changed.

I often wonder why I was called to such a different and hard lifestyle. Why was this on my path? The best answer I have is that it was the most grounding experience that I could have had. I was a woman of great ideals and philosophy. I could get on a soap-box and preach about whatever I was most passionate about – spirituality, natural healing, philosophy, man/woman relationships, politics, anything really that I could flex my brain on.

Instead, my life became filled with washing diapers, milking cows with babies on my back, literally “shovelling sh*t”, driving tractors, throwing hay bales, growing our own food, and honestly working really, really hard… all day, every day of the year. (My husband’s joke was that we always took Sundays off – we only worked 8 hours that day).

The hardest thing was that many of my ideals were crashing down around me. I believed that if you “did everything right”, then raising your children would look like something out of “The Sound of Music” or “Mary Poppins” (obviously I grew up loving Julie Andrews). Instead, I had extremely traumatic births requiring serious medical intervention (so much for my natural medicine soapbox). My first-born cried constantly and didn’t sleep for 11 months (there goes my parenting speech). And working all-day, every day in a state of exhaustion with your lover created challenges that I could never have imagined when I created my dream of marriage from my Ivory tower.

And so, it became much more difficult to “preach from the pulpit” because I was definitely living down here on earth…

This was a great thing for my personal growth. And there were also many, many wonderful things about living on the farm. It’s a wonderful place to raise children. And my husband and I actually loved working together. We worked well together, laughed a lot, and had many good times.

My mom getting Cancer:

My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was still in University. I was about 22. This was my first bout with seeing what this “Mind/Body Healing” could really do. When she was diagnosed, she was given 6 months to live. This was a terrifying time, especially since so many of the women in our family had already died of cancer, including her mom a long time ago.

There were no “self-help” sections in bookstores then. So, finding alternatives for cancer treatment meant serious leg-work. I was at university then, so I went to the Psychology department and knocked on every door of the 8-story building looking for someone who knew about “some guy I had once heard about” who had cured himself of a debilitating disease through laughter.

Eventually, I found out that it was Norman Cousins who wrote “Anatomy of an Illness”. This led to reading about Bernie Siegel, Deepak Chopra, Carl Simonton, and Wayne Dyer.

Mom and I even went to a workshop with Bernie Siegel when he was in Toronto. Many years later, I sent him a copy of my manuscript for “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?” sharing with him that he had been such a lifeline for my mom and my family throughout her illness. He read my manuscript and gave me a beautiful endorsement that graces the front cover of my book.

My mom died in 1995 when I was pregnant with my son.

Katrina Bos Bernie Siegel

Me, Bernie Siegel and my awesome mom

My Sickness and the Guru that Appeared:

What If You Could Skip the Cancer - Katrina BosFour years later, I had two wonderful children, we’d bought the family farm, had transitioned our farm to being organic, had had foster children for a while, when everything changed.

I had had breast lumps many times throughout the years of breast-feeding my children. But the lumps that were growing now, were very different. They were growing quickly, scarily… And I didn’t know what to do. Mom had only been gone for 4 years. The years spent in the hospital with her were still very vivid in our minds. This was not a path I wanted to take… besides, the success rate for medical treatment of cancer in our family was zero percent… not great odds if I wanted to see my kids grow up.

And of course, as serendipity would have it, a teacher appeared in my life that would guide me through many, many dark nights of the soul and eventually to a miraculous healing. The full story is in my book “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?”.

The biggest turning point for me here was the release of my need to listen to everyone else’s needs and expectations that would guide my thoughts and choices in life. Many women who get breast cancer are perennial people-pleasers and this is no small thing to change.

My journey became a very spiritual one. The crisis and fear of possibly dying definitely scared me enough to shift my trust from what my brain thought to what I heard through inner guidance. I developed my connection with God (please insert whatever name feels right to you).

Soon, listening within was all I trusted. It was how I parented. It was how I spoke to people. It was what later led me to go back to University to study psychology, open a dance studio, buy a train station, etc. My life became very interesting and very different than it was pre-illness.

Through listening to this little voice inside, my life became a series of miracles – to the point that people would just say, “Yep, that’s how it works with mom… It’s just Katrina’s World”.

Raising my Children:

Katrina Bos FamilyMy children have been an incredible experience for me. Again, I had great ideas about what it would be like, how I would birth them, and how I would raise them. But a wise woman once said, “I once had six theories about raising children. Now I have six children and no theories.” Isn’t that the truth.

Shortly after I was healed, I spoke to a friend of mine whose kids confided in her about everything. She said that all she cared about was that her kids trusted her. Nothing else mattered. This changed everything.

Instead of being the one who “guides my children on their path” or disciplines them or corrects them or makes sure that they look right or make the “right” decisions, I realized that my role was simply to be their sanctuary. I was to be the one place in the world where they would be loved and accepted without judgement or even opinion. The rest of the world would fill them with ideas and tell them where they were going “wrong”. What they truly needed in the world was an advocate – one who loved them as much as a mother could… (Here is an article about this: Being the Person Your Children Can Count On.)

I actually talk about this at length in my book “Tantric Intimacy”, which may seem strange.. Including stories about your children in a book about tantra seems a little odd. But in truth, this was truly the beginning of applying tantra to my every day life (although I hadn’t even heard of tantra yet).

This idea of being sanctuary required me to be kind, centred, and non-judgemental in every single second of my life. It didn’t matter if I was exhausted, angry at someone else, in physical pain, stressed about money, lost in my life’s purpose, or just simply having a bad day. My promise was to always be a safe place to land for them.

But of course, it was me who healed the most.

To always be able to be “released” from whatever stresses I was feeling (and there were lots), was the most amazing gift. It was like I trained myself to release the hell that my mind was putting me through. The kids would be fighting (they were very normal kids) and I would take a deep breath and we would all go sit on the couch together and chat. I would pray. I would find my centre. I would ask for whatever words, or actions, were going to help this situation… (Here’s more in my article “Parenting as a Mystic“).

As a parent, this process must have happened thousands of times over their 20+ years with me.

The end result was that we never argued. We never fought. The connection between us was never severed with “because I told you so’s” or “go to your room” or “you are such a disappointment”, etc. The connection was solid and strong and continues to this day.

And personally, this pattern of being safe and sanctuary is just who I am now. I’m not saying that I don’t have bad days and I don’t call my friends and vent to try to find that centre that I’ve lost. It happens. But when interacting with others – friends, students, kids, lovers – this is the only way now….

And of course, little did I know that this is the foundation of all tantric relationships.

Katrina Bos Parenting

Hanging Out In Stockholm 2016

Teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation:

Katrina Bos - yogaI loved teaching kundalini yoga. It is a beautiful yoga that literally transforms you in every second that you practice. I loved it because everyone could do it – old, young, weak, strong, skinny, heavy – everyone can practice the healing path of yoga.

Teaching this yoga strengthened within me the ability to teach intuitively. Teaching this style of yoga isn’t about correcting someone’s posture. It’s about holding space for people to do their own healing. It’s about allowing guidance to come through you and trusting that it is what is meant to be said. Over and over again, students would come up to me and say, “I can’t believe you said that. It was just what I needed to hear. It was like you were speaking directly to me.”

Soon, this became the only way I could teach – anything.

I also loved teaching meditation everywhere in the community – whether it was in psychiatric wards of hospitals, out-patient clinics, women’s shelters, service clubs, schools, festivals, or anyone who was looking for how to heal their anxiety and listen within.

To this day, bringing the ancient technology of meditation is integral to healing what is causing us so much anxiety in today’s society… It’s so simple. And it works.

Discovering Tantra:

Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True ConnectionThis teacher/guru was also the first time I had ever heard of tantra. He didn’t call it tantra. He would simply say things like “I can’t imagine making love for less than three hours” or “I am ALWAYS orgasmic. Why don’t you choose to be too?” or “I don’t understand why men ejaculate. They are missing the best part.” We would sit and listen to him… but truthfully had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

It was around 4 years later, that I was lying in bed, feeling like I was missing something. Like, although my marriage and relationship was awesome according to the world’s standards, I felt like there was more – more constant, easy intimacy, and although our sex life had lots of love and orgasms, even that I felt like we were just scratching the surface on.

And the word “tantra” started bubbling up inside of me. My true journey had begun. (This whole story of my journey to eventually teaching tantra are in my book “Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection”.)

After continued studies, and travelling to connect with the “greater tantra world”, I opened my school “Fusion Tantra”. An article I wrote called “Tantra is the Opposite of Porn” went viral when it was shared by Collective Evolution and soon I had students studying with me from all over the world.

I continue to travel and teach and share these incredible teachings… but of course, I am only giving words to something that you already know deep down. As I speak to people, they always say, “It’s like I’ve always known this.. I just couldn’t put it into words and I didn’t know how it fit into day-to-day living. But now I get it. Thank you.”

The more I hear that, the more I know that I’m right on track. 🙂

Buying a Train Station:

In 2009, we sold the farm, moved into the Town of Goderich, and I bought an old CN Train Station, which we renovated into a wellness centre that I called “East Street Station”. Here, everything I had been teaching, studying and was passionate about came to live. I taught Kundalini yoga, meditation, dance (ballroom, Latin, bellydance, ecstatic dance), tantra , yoga teacher trainings and many other spiritual studies. We hosted concerts, kids camps, art classes, knitting circles and so many wonderful things throughout the years.

The Beginning of a New Chapter:

A few years ago, the winds shifted and everything changed. I realized that it was time for my husband and I to go our separate ways. It was a very amicable separation and divorce that I write all about in the article “A Graceful Exit: Divorcing in Love”.

My children both have grown and have moved away to pursue education, travel and whatever exciting adventures are in store for them.

I sold my beloved train station and moved all of my teachings online and mobile through travelling to teach workshops.

Currently, my joys are creating courses and writing books about topics that I have taught for many years so that others can learn and share them. But I continue my own studies. My thrill is to always be going deeper and expanding in all the things that are new, current, and interesting.

I believe that the world truly shifted in 2012 with the new Age of Aquarius. Everything is moving at an incredible speed these days. And yet, in order to stay in step with the world, it requires great stillness. And so I join you in navigating these interesting times.

Nothing from the old is coming forward. The world is truly new and different.

One of my favourite books from school was “Brave New World”… and honestly, that’s what it feels like we are in right now.

May you have great adventure, faith in your journey, and as much fun as you can possibly have.

Katrina Bos

Really love receiving your mails! I watched the video of your interview and it was wonderful !! Love the way you feel the world and the way you talk, so sensible and gentle !! I m learning a lot from you and want to say thank you !!! I want to read all your books, and definitely would love to have you here for workshops! God bless you and your work.

A.M., Brazil

Katrina will forever hold a special place in my heart. A teacher of wisdom, love and passion – with a dash of crazy!

N,B., Canada

Well, among us, we are fortunate to have such a guide as Katrina. A mystic, even. Her countless hours working with individuals, couples and groups have built her ability in being always open hearted, authentic to herself and all who meet her. Her greatest intention, is only to serve others and see them blossom in each their own individual journeys. It warms me to see the success and progression of Katrina’s own journey. Sat Nam.

G.M., Canada

I think of you often. I feel your passion girl. I have deep and abiding respect and admiration for you. I remember a part of some old saying – “love is shown by deeds not by words.” Felt moved to connect with you today. You are often in my thoughts, always in my heart.

S.M., Canada

You have personally changed my entire realm of thinking and although I may not be at every yoga class, the years with you have taught me a lot more in depth about my life and how I perceive life inhale it and exhale it out. You have been a mentor and a motivator. And the things you have taught me are lessons and advice I carry forth daily in my life and is well known amongst my support circle. I know completely that I one day wish to be a yoga teacher specifically kundalini yoga and when that time comes I’ll have a wonderfully beautiful and inspiring teacher to thank. I wish you only the very best and I hope you send many updates. Sending you many positive thoughts and prayers. Namaste great teacher.

K.C., Canada

Katrina Bos is Fun! She has an innate intelligence about life, the whole “big” picture and the significance of tantra in respect to both. Her introductory workshop was a warm and cozy experience….absolutely comfortable for anyone who may feel any reservation about the idea of tantra. Her knowledge is extensive. During the workshop, we were invited to spend time in our partner’s personal space with simple exercises, that felt loving, but definitely not beyond the normal comfort zone.

S.C., Canada

Katrina is our local ‘Oprah’. She has a math degree from Waterloo (smart), she is a card carrying Mensa member (she’s smart). Yet it is the size of her heart that never ceases to amaze me. She is gorgeous and articulate; fun and kind. A winning combination. Anyway, I think what you are doing is awesome and I think Kat is awesome and mighty. Thanks for being you.

N.L., Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Katrina in a shamanic and tantric healing ceremony. Katrina has one of the biggest, most loving hearts that I have ever met, and carries herself with grace and dignity. She embodies “Love-of-All” in the truest sense and goes the extra mile for those she is helping, healing or teaching. I can not wait to continue working with Katrina as her student, as I have already benefited greatly by my experience with her as a Healer.


I would like to say how easy, casual and friendly the classes were.  I like the concept of doing Yoga with closed eyes. When I first met you with my daughter, I felt that I was in the presences of a deep essence of being or can I will simply say an old soul. That is the reason why I immediately bought your book.  I wanted to know your story. As wrote before, you have something and know more than you think you know. If that makes sense.

A.T., Canada