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You can listen to all of the following meditations (and many others from teachers around the world) for free.

In order to listen to the meditations and talks, you just have to download the “Insight Timer” app to your phone or tablet. You can just search for “Katrina Bos” and all of my meditations and talks will be there.

Free meditations with Katrina Bos on Insight Timer
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Tantric Meditation to Experience Oneness

This is a foundational tantric meditation that appears in the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. It is a beautiful and simple meditation that helps us to fully connect our divine selves with our physical selves. When we become fully present, we are able to access our divinity – on the mat and in our everyday life. Tantra is the practice of fully experiencing the world around us through the eyes of our infinite selves. This brings us endless possibilities in each moment – no matter how difficult our current situation might be. Although our bodies, lives and circumstances are in the limited, physical world, how we move through our lives holds many more possibilities than we can imagine. This meditation helps us to come into that infinite space and make choices based on our deepest truth and happiness.

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Tantric Meditation for Couples to Experience Divine Union

This is a tantric meditation for couples to experience the journey from our personal wholeness to divine union and back to our personal wholeness. Tantric union first connects us with our own divinity and then through the interplay of masculine and feminine energies, we are able to fully merge with another person and come into divine oneness together.

It is for couples of all orientations. During the meditation, there will be different instructions for the “masculine” partner and for the “feminine” partner. In a same-sex relationship, which polarity you choose is dependent on you. “Masculine” and “feminine” are simply two parts of a whole, like yin & yang or positive & negative magnetic charges. Please choose which you sense is your polarity.

This exercise can be done sitting apart, in yabyum, on chairs, on the floor, fully clothed, naked, or in intercourse.

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Tantric Meditations for Women & Men: Merging with the Divine

Tantra is the full merging with the Divine. To merge with another (even the divine), we polarize into one half of the whole that leads to bliss. This practice allows us to merge completely and feel the flow of divine energy move through our natural magnetic poles within our bodies. Your experience can be anything from healing, emotionally moving, to completely orgasmic. This is a practice that you can continue to expand into as we grow, change and expand into who we are.

Meditation for Women
Meditation for Men

Practice To Super-Oxygenate the Blood for Healing

This guided practice helps bring in more oxygen to your body through visualization, by presenting you relaxing images and pointing your focus to where your breath is. Find a quiet space and enjoy the breath flow through you.

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Meditation with Katrina Bos on Insight Timer

Finding Stillness within Chaos

There is peaceful stillness within us all of the time. But when the world is in chaos and fear, it is often hard to connect with that inner peace. The key in this meditation is to embrace everything around us to find that stillness. The stillness and chaos work together and balance each other. This is how by embracing the chaos around us, we can actually find a deeper stillness than ever before. Please join me for this guided meditation in nature to find our balancing inner stillness.

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Meditation with Katrina Bos on Insight Timer

Meditation for Total Renewal

A guided meditation to renew every cell in your body. Our bodies regenerate naturally… but how far can we go? How total can our renewal be? In this meditation, we will renew all of the cells in our bodies, minds and spirits… to be reborn each day, each moment… to live in timelessness and perhaps even immortality.

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Meditation with Katrina Bos on Insight Timer

Talks & Readings

Redefining Love for True Connection

Here, I read the chapters about love from my book “Tantric Intimacy”.

Redefining Love: Agape
Redefining Love: Philia
Redefining Love: Eros – Part I
Redefining Love: Eros – Part II
Love & Intimacy with Katrina Bos

Tantra is Not Hedonism

One of my first fears about teaching tantra openly was that people would think I was into free love, kink and there would be orgies every weekend… And not that there is anything wrong with any of that but they certainly have nothing to do with tantra. And yet, there are threads of truth within the curious ways that tantra has been spread and the ways it is used in the world… and so I wanted to how these truths help us to expand and grow into who we truly are.

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The Two Simple Teachings of Tantra

There are two main teachings of tantra that we can fit into our lives right now and start expanding. Tantra isn’t complicated and requires no ritual. It is for everyone – old and young. All we need to do is understand what we are truly capable of and our lives will first change in subtle ways and soon we won’t remember our old, limited way of living. This is tantra.

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A Graceful Exit: Divorcing in Love

Ending a marriage doesn’t have to be full of anger and resentment. Sometimes this is unavoidable. But in my case, we were able to leave (after 20 years), heal and remain friends to this day. I believe it is partly because of tantra and truly taking a spiritual perspective which helped keep us centred, compassionate and loving through the process.

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Amicable Divorce with Katrina Bos

The Deep Emotional Dive of Tantra

Tantra is about living fully. But in order to go in 100%, we need a deep spiritual centre – something that we can count on. A sense that no matter how deeply we go into an experience, we will always be able to find our way back. It is this deep centre that our journey of tantra gives us. Then, we are able to dive in head first to every experience that comes our way – the hard, the happy and the totally blissful.

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