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Dakini Tantrika Training

 “She may be humble in demeanor, but she is regal and commanding in her understanding of the nature of reality. Like many dakinis, she teaches directly not through words but through actions. Specifically, she teaches with her body, cutting open her very heart to reveal her wisdom… While she may be young, graceful, and comely, the object of desire, she shows her body to be empty and as vast as limitless space; in her heart is revealed the ultimate nature of reality. And within its vastness are all phenomena, all sense perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and cognitions as a mandala of deities arrayed in the vivid splendor of their raiment, ornaments, and jewelry, with demeanor both peaceful and wrathful. Looking into her heart centre, the practitioner is looking into a mirror, seeing the mind and the entire world in dramatically different perspective. One cannot see such a sight without being transformed.”

Dakini’s Warm Breath

What is a dakini/tantrika?

She is a woman who fully embodies her divine/infinite self while fully living here in the world. She loves and laughs and cries and gets angry. She has an awareness of what is going on around her and as deep as she may dive into every experience, she is always aware of where she is. She has a deep wisdom about the world and great insight and intuition about what is happening around her.

And within these very human layers, she is a fully infinite being.

Who others see depends on their personal journey. Some may see the physical woman. Some may recognize her presence. Some may seek her wisdom. And then there are those who look even closer… and can see all of the universe in her eyes.

Love & Intimacy coaching for women with Katrina Bos - wholeness, tantra, connection
Dakini Tantrika training with Katrina Bos

Can this be taught?

Yes. We can grow into this natural aspect of who we are through our own personal and unique path. No two dakinis are meant to be the same. We all shine in perfectly unique ways.

Most of the journey is un-learning, un-hypnotizing, un-brainwashing… so that we can reveal what is already there inside of us.

It is learning to listen within to our own wisdom. To hear our path. To follow in full surrender and exploration.

It is a journey that we can take together for a time, preparing the ground and then we go out into the world and become who we truly are.


There are certainly aspects of sexuality that we will learn about because most of our ideas about sex and intimacy are very shallow and based in the desire for procreation, instant gratification and deeply seated fears.

We share about what intimacy truly is. How to achieve true union with another. To understand how human bodies interact energetically and physically to completely merge into bliss… these are worthy things to learn.

To bring ourselves to a truly radiant, orgasmic state in life where the presence of a partner is a wonderful addition to our lives… but our deep spiritual connection flows through our bones and animates us all day long – alone, in a group, or in blissful union with another.

Dakini Tantrika training with Katrina Bos
Dakini Tantrika training with Katrina Bos

Spiritual Union

This journey is a spiritual one. It is merging with God, Divine, Source (whatever you may call it). This is the infinity. This is where we develop the faith to fully surrender and join in the greater reality.

This connection will look different for each woman. How we experience it is different. How we return to it if we have gotten lost is unique to each of us. But this connection soon becomes part of who we are and there is no reality outside of it.

It is this reality that others see when they look into your eyes. It is this expansiveness that either inspires them or scares them.

It is this world where we hear divine guidance, where we hear inspiration… and we are in constant companionship with the Beloved.

Our Training Together

This course is a combination of online video teachings, yoga, meditation and private consultations with Katrina Bos.

Online courses: 

The online courses allow you to learn within your personal world. This allows you to integrate the teachings in real time in real situations. We will have our sessions every two to three weeks depending on what is the best schedule for you.

  • Foundations for Tantric Intimacy for Individuals:
    • The Magic of Intimate Connections. Exploring Tantric Sensual Touch. Meditation + Sexuality = Transformation. The Freedom from Goals & Expectations. Opening to Ecstasy. Polarizing & Uniting the Masculine & Feminine. Sensual Lovemaking. Sexual Healing & Spiritual Connections.
  • The Radiant Woman:
    • Redefining the Masculine & Feminine for Union. Wholeness & Inner Balance. Intuition, Wisdom & Truth. Learning How to Receive. The Strength of Vulnerability. Swimming in Our Wild & Free Chaos. True Feminine Lovemaking. Living in Our Wholeness.
  • The Spiritual Path of Tantra:
    • Merging the Infinite with the Finite. Serenity in the Eye of the Hurricane. Developing our Meditative Mind. A New Way to Navigate. Integrating the Shadow & the Light. Divine Love. Union with Others. A Whole New Freedom.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditations: 

Kundalini yoga is considered a “tantric” yoga because the goal is pure transformation. Every exercise reaches inside of us and changes something. In order to do the yoga, we must let something old go. We must become lighter (literally a little more “enlightened”). We will discuss and intuit which kriyas would be best for you. This is not mandatory. But it is there whenever you will need it on your journey.

10 Private Sessions with Katrina:

Our sessions will be a combination of going deep into what is coming up for you – through the lessons, readings, and in your life, and relationships, and deeper discussion about the nature of the tantrika/dakini. It will be partly a time of healing the past as it rises, creating a fresh new place to be, and totally new ways of seeing the world.

Getting Started

After you have registered below, you will be able to schedule our first appointment together. During this session, we will look at where you are right now and decide what the first steps will be. We will discuss frequency of appointments, what order to take the courses in, if there is yoga or a meditation that would be right for you right now.

You can pay in a single payment of $1600 Canadian or in 12 payments of $140.

Register with One Payment
Register with 12 Payments

Are you interested but Unsure?

Would you like to start with a private session together to chat about whether this is the program for you? This way, we can both meet each other and see what feels right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer scholarship spots?2019-12-11T19:15:43-04:00

There are no scholarship spots for this course.

If money is tight, then please email us and look into a scholarship spot for any of our courses. You will still be able to ask Katrina questions along the way through your homework and email.

Will I learn “tantric massage”?2019-12-11T19:13:30-04:00

There actually is no such thing as “tantric” massage. In the West, you can take courses in massage that includes our sexuality which can be very healing and important points in our journey. It is unknown as to why it is called “tantric” massage except that the practitioner should have a tantric presence, be in full prayer mode, and focus on energetic touch.

This training is for cultivating you as a dakini/tantrika. From here, you will naturally bring this presence to everything you do.

What if I have already taken one of your courses?2019-12-11T19:09:18-04:00

If you have already registered for any of the “Radiant Woman”, “Foundations for Tantric Intimacy”, or “The Spiritual Path of Tantra”, then just email me and I will send you an invoice for the total amount minus whatever you have already paid.

It may be that we will go through the courses again, only with one-on-one discussions through the modules. Or perhaps we will spend our time differently. We will find out as we go.

“The sexual ecstasy of a woman has a very high value. It is a magical, healing force. When she has been well-loved, sexually fulfilled, she herself becomes a goddess with magical powers – radiating love, devotion, caring, gratitude, happiness.”

Margot Anand

“Thinking always of the goddess, one is transformed into an image of the goddess.”

Hindu tantra

“Paradise is at your own centre; unless you find it there, there is no way to enter.”

Angelus Silesius

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“A healthy ego is no more afraid of sacred union than a raindrop is of merging with the ocean.”

Jalaja Bonheim
“The body is like an ocean, rich with hidden treasures.
Open its innermost chamber and light its lamp.”