Do You Have a Book Club or Study Group?

Oh, how I love book clubs. As an avid reader for my whole life, the concept of getting together with others to discuss, philosophize over books and ideas PLUS share drink and food together is an incredible joy in life for sure!

Both of my books, Tantric Intimacy and What If You Could Skip the Cancer? are wonderful books that will get your group chatting about topics that you never thought you would talk about with others!

Which Book is Right For Your Group?

Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection by Katrina Bos

If Your Group is Interested In:
– Grounded Spirituality –
– Loving Relationships –
– Redefining Love –
– Intimate Connection –
– Parenting as Sanctuary –

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What If You Could Skip the Cancer? by Katrina Bos

If Your Group is Interested In:
– Personal Spiritual Connection –
– Strengthening Intuition –
– Healing from within –
– Womens’ Journey –
– Creating Miracles –

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I Will Join Your Group Anywhere in the World!

The beautiful thing about today’s technology is the ability to drop in with anyone, anywhere in the world!

So, if you have a group of 8 people or more, I am happy to drop in via Skype for 1 hour to chat and answer any questions your group has about the book! (Of course, if you happen to be where I am travelling, I’m happy to drop in in person!)

For Book Clubs, it would be great to join you on the night that you discuss the book (generally book clubs read the whole book and then meet).

For Study Groups, I can join you anywhere along your journey through the books. Regardless of how many weeks you choose to take to study the books, I am happy to join you on the week that works best!

Would You Like More Information?

To order either book, you can:

  • Order them online through any online bookseller (might be fastest)
  • Order them through your local bookstore (nice way to support local business)
  • Order them directly through me (I will give you a group discount)

It’s up to you what works best!

If you would like to chat about including one or both of my books in your book club or study group, please email me at “katrina at”. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your group!

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