Behind all of these teachings there is something that lies “beyond the veil”.

For all of the years that I have taught yoga, meditation, spirituality, tantra, etc I have always struggled with talking about the concept of God or spirit into my teachings.

Mostly because I didn’t want the words to offend anyone. I didn’t want anyone to turn away because of it. And this is because I believe that if discussing this topic separates us, then we aren’t discussing it correctly.

Because we are all the same. We all have flesh and we all are energy as well. It isn’t that some of us are connected to God/spirit and others aren’t. We are all the same…

And all of these teachings depend on the idea that we are more than flesh and blood.. that we are more than our looks, our jobs, our status in the community, how many kids we have, whether we are popular or whether we are healthy, happy or miserable.

When we don’t include this mystical aspect of being human, then yoga becomes an exercise class, tantra becomes fancy sex tricks and meditation is … well just an annoying way to show us that we are no good at something…

The greater context of all of these practices is a spiritual reality. And yet, we get into trouble if we talk about it… So what do we do?

Behind the Veil

sparkling-blue-universe_131922What if we aren’t supposed to talk about it? What if we actually CAN’T accurately describe it… and this is what gets us into trouble.. It is the act of trying to describe it that causes us so much trouble – because our language just isn’t sufficient to describe something that isn’t physical.

And the truth is, that the only way to integrate this into our lives is through an experience. It is experiencing things beyond our understanding that breaks us open to another possibility – to things that we can’t explain – and accepting that they are real even if we can’t describe them.

And so let’s just say that there is something “behind the veil”.. and this something just IS.

In my life, I experience it as the source of guidance. I experience it as a source of security. But those are just my experiences and my words… What matters is what each of us experience… Not what we can describe.. But what we experience about it that gets us through the hard times.

The Mystical Journey

person holding sun - flippedAnd so, for all of the teachings and practices that take us on a spiritual journey of growth, it’s important that this is our foundation. It is within this context, that I truly exist… that I matter… that there is purpose for me being alive…

When we start with this and then embark on a meditation, yoga or tantric practice, this changes everything. We are now having a multi-dimensional experience… This is where the practices make sense…

In the “regular” world, they might seem too simple to be effective… And even without considering what lies beyond the veil, many of the techniques are still helpful… But when we integrate them into their proper context of the physical and spiritual reality, they are like rocketships taking us to amazing and unknown places!

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