The Joys of Barefoot Running

I first discovered barefoot running in 2010 when my cousins convinced me (a non-runner) to do the Disney marathon with them. I had no idea what to do since I couldn’t run for 1 minute without dying. And then a friend of mine appeared and told me all about minimalist running. He said that he would teach me how to run… Hmm.. Soon, we were exploring how amazing it was to run “naturally”… and soon we discovered barefoot running.

This became my passion. Although I am not built like a runner at all, this was something I could do and there was something so incredibly freeing about it. The feel of my feet on the earth, my body naturally moving along the earth like a child… I don’t know. But I loved it!

Below is a couple books that certainly changed the way I look at running PLUS a video flashback to when my friend and I were teaching a workshop at East Street Station about how to run barefoot!